Director : H. Maman Firmansjah
Casts : Didi Petet, Paramitha Rusady, Meriam Bellina, Nurul Arifin,
Kang Ibing, Rachmat Hidayat, Aom Kusman, Tatty Saleh
Genre : Comedy
Production Year : 1989

Sequel to the hit movie “Si Kabayan Saba Kota”. A pretty university student, Inge (Meriam Bellina), is conducting her research at Kabayan’s village and the village chief asked him to welcome her. Misunderstanding ensued when Kang Ibing (himself) saw Kabayan together with Inge and reported it to Kabayan’s wife, Iteung (Paramitha Rusady). Iteung got jealous and her father, Abah (Rachmat Hidayat), stoked her jealousy even more. She then ran away to the big city and fell into the hands of a pimp, but she was saved by Joni Kemod (Rudy Djamil) who told her that she should be acting like a city girl. The frantic Kabayan asked Saribanon (Nurul Arifin) to help him find her in the city. Inge who felt guilty for causing the whole incident also went looking for Iteung. Kang Ibing also tried to find her since it was his report who made Iteung ran away from the village. Eventually, Inge found Iteung who has fainted near the sidewalk. It turns out that Iteung is pregnant and it is her pregnancy that fueled her jealousy.

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