Selalu berusaha berikan hiburan berkualitas dan mencerdaskan penonton adalah misi kami dalam berkarya.

- Ir. Chand Parwez Servia
Dirut Starvision Plus

Chand Parwez began his career in cinema at the age of 8, when his brother rented a movie theatre in his hometown in West Java. By 15, he was managing 5 cinemas. Chand Parwez then founded PT Kharisma Jabar Film in 1985, which he became the owner, the manager, and distributor of films in West Java. In 1987, along with humanitarians, culturalist press, and other intellectuals he founded the Bandung Film Festival which after 26 years continues to assess and recommend both local and imported films for their appreciation. In 1989, he produced his first film : Si Kabayan Saba Kota which became the most successful film in 1989 and was also awarded the Best Comedic Film at the Indonesian Film Festival 1990. Interested in social activities, Chand Parwez received the Paul Harris Fellow medal from the Rotary Club. In 1995 when the cinema industry began to slump due to piracy. he founded PT Kharisma Starvision Plus, also know as STARVISION, producing a variety of television programs many of which achieved Indonesia’s Top Ratings. From 2004 through 2007, he became Chairman of the Indonesian Film & TV Producers Association. For 3 consecutive years his movies achieved Box Office success, VIRGIN (2005), HEART (2006) and GET MARRIED (2007). Each year thereafter his movie received  box office such as THE TARIX JABRIX (2008), WOMAN WITH A TURBAN, GET MARRIED 2 (2009), TROP OF DREAMERS, KABAYAN BECOMES A BILLIONAIRE (2010), PURPLE LOVE, GET MARRIED 3, DELISA (2011), PAPER BOAT (2012), BRONTOSAURUS LOVE (2013), PINK GUINEA PIG (2014), and NGENEST - Sometimes Life Must Be Laughhed At (2015).
When asked what his current aspirations are he replied, "I strive to make movies that are received well by film lovers all over the world."