“It’s easy to look pretty outside, but it’s very hard to have beauty inside”.

PRETTY MONKEY is a story about a pretty girl named Lisa, who is very arrogant, rich and she feels that she is the prettiest girl at school. Actually, she acts like that because of her lonely life. Her mother died when giving birth to her and Lisa lives with her father who is always busy. Lisa often insults and being mean to other students. Everyone hates her at school. But nobody dares to say anything to Lisa because her father is the school’s biggest donor.

One day, as she returns from school, her car cannot pass a street because students are gathering to watch a monkey troupe led by Ncup and Babe. Lisa is angry and she gets off from her car. As she is making a phone call, her cell phone is suddenly taken by Anyet, Ncup’s monkey. Lisa’s hand is scratched because of Anyet’s claw and she demands that Ncup hits Anyet as punishment. The following night, Anyet dies and Lisa dreams of a giant monkey.

Nyak, angrily scolds her and curses her to become a monkey. Lisa does not care and dismiss the curse. During the night, Lisa awoken because she feels hot. When she looks at the mirror, Lisa sees that she has now turns into a monkey. She is shocked. Her attitudes and habits are now like a monkey. She craves bananas and likes to perch herself on stairs or trees. Each time she gets angry and not being nice, Lisa turns into a pretty monkey.

She is very sad and sorry that she has behaved badly all this time. She has nobody she can talk to when she feels sad and lonely. Lisa hopes that someday, she can be normal again with the kiss of a handsome prince, just like in so many fairy tales.

Arrogance causes us a lot of trouble. We should strive not just to look good from outside, but to have inner beauty, like good personality, being polite, friendly, gentle and humble. That is the only way to become pretty, from the outside and inside. Is it not that the person who is highly praised by God, is the person with good virtues?!

Title in English

Republik TEBE, M Haikal

Heru Susanto, M Priaji

Indra Qadarsih

Yuki Kato, Irshadi Bagas, Esa Sigit,
Dinda Hauw, Ponco Buwono,
Cathrine Wilson


45 minutes / episode


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