Mystical action

Director : Atok Sugiarto
Casts : Yurike Prastica, Barry Prima, Hesti Syani, Fred Wetik,
HIM Damsjik, Mandra
Genre : Mystical Action
Production Year : 1990

Jaka Sembung (Barry Prima) was caught by the Dutch colonial government and
exiled to Australia. However, on the way to Australia, a vicious storm destroyed
the ship. All hands and passengers perished with the ship, but the sea goddess, Nyi
Roro Kidul (Yurike Prastica), saved Jaka Sembung from certain death and carried him
to her castle deep within the sea. The goddess wanted Jaka Sembung to remain at
the castle, but he insisted on returning to his homeland to fight againts the Dutch
colonialists. Nyi Roro Kidul finally agreed to release Jaka Sembung and promised to
help him in times of trouble. Jaka Sembung then proceeds to fight the Dutch either
with martial arts or magic. He gained an ally, Kiai Mustakim, head of a religious
boarding school who is also against the colonialists. In the final confrontation, the sea
goddess fulfilled her promise to help Jaka Sembung. The movie also featured Mandra,
a famous traditional comedy actor, as comic relief.

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