How should the word “Love” be translated? Some say that “Love” is a feeling toward anyone else, but others say that“Love” is an admission of feelings to a special person. That is what happens to CINTA and RYAN. It started when they were still at the elementary school. As they enter junior high school, their friendship still continues. Until one day, Cinta meets IVAN. As time goes, all three of them become friends. Even though there are still traces of jealousy between Ryan and Ivan.

Their friendship survives the graduation to senior high school. The seeds of love grow stronger in each heart, between Cinta and Ryan and also in Ivan. But they bury it deep in their hearts. Despite Ryan and Cinta’s closeness, they have not been able to express their feelings for each other. All they have managed to say is “love” which they both interpreted as “care”, an ambiguous expression at best. Even when Ryan is bound for the United States to continue his study, they still have not found the courage to express their real feelings. Everything changes when tragedy struck. A horrible accident has killed Ryan and separates them, creating an enormous wall of time and space. Cinta is devastated because of Ryan’s passing. Until later, Cinta meet a young man named TEDI, who looks so much like Ryan. Cinta begins to fall in love with Tedi. On the other hand, Cinta cannot deny that she also likes Ivan who has been very caring toward her. Cinta is unable to decide between the two. She is not sure whether she loves Tedi because of his personality or because he reminds her so much of Ryan. Meanwhile Ivan has repeatedly asked Cinta to be his girlfriend, making Cinta unsure who she will pick to become her boyfriend. Will it be Tedi or Ivan? Is it true that Tedi is Ryan who returned to this world because of his true love?

Title in English

Viva Westi

Deni Irawan

Dian HP

Yuki Kato, Irshadi Bagas, Esa Sigit,
Ranty Maria, Sheryl Gething,
Tio Pakusadewo, Henidar Amroe,
Ira Wibowo, Katon Bagaskara,
Anggur Aulia


45 minutes / episode


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