Heart Series is the story of two childhood friends, Farel and Rachel. Farel once confessed his feeling to Rachel when they were still young, but Rachel turned him down because she was traumatized by her family’s problems and she thought that Farel was only joking. Ever since that moment Farel never dared to tell Rachel how he feels, even though Rachel actually has a feeling toward Farel.

Farel then met Luna, a beautiful girl that is more feminine and not as dominant as Rachel. Farel and Luna soon fell for each other. However, because of her liver disease, Luna decided to push Farel away as she does not want to make him grieve for her after she is gone. On the other hand, Rachel who has always hoped that Farel will someday profess his feeling toward her becomes jealous and angry. With so many mixed feelings up inside her, she just ran and ran, trying to escape the reality that she had lost the one she loves so much, Farel.

She has nobody at her side anymore, because her mother had just passed away in prison. During her mad dash, Rachel slipped and fell into a ravine. The doctor concluded that her legs must be amputated. Rachel got sadder and depressed, because she can no longer play basketball with Farel again, the only time when she can be with Farel.

Rachel knows that Farel is very much in love with Luna, and so is Luna. Therefore, when she found out that Luna was suffering from a liver disease, Rachel decided to donate her liver to Luna. Rachel does not want to see Farel, her best friend, grieving. She knows that Farel would be happy if Luna can survives and be with him. By donating her liver to Luna, Rachel is sure that she will always be with Farel and he will feel her love for him through Luna. Will Farel and Luna live happily forever after Rachel has sacrificed so much for them?

Title in English

M Haikal

Agus Budiyanto

Anto Hoed, Melly Goeslaw

Ari Sihasale, Irshadi Bagas,
Yuki Kato,
Ranty Maria, Ponco Buwono,
Anggur Aulia


45 minutes / episode


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