Mystical drama

Director : Slamet Riyadi
Casts :
Adjie Massaid, Cut Keke Zudiake, Wawan Wanisar,
Chandra Rajasa, Baby Zelvia, Ira Mambo,
Tisna S. Brata, Setiady Rimba
Genre : Mystical Drama
Production Year : 1991

Mrs. Rosidi (Baby Zelvia), the dominant matriarch whose husband is weak and prone
to illness, has forbidden her son, Rusdi (Adjie Massaid), from seeing Nia (Cut Keke).
Meanwhile, Rusdi’s colleague at work, Mirna (Yurike Prastica), is infatuated with him.
She used many trick to separate Rusdi from Nia to no avail. She asked Herman
(Chandra Rajasa) to seduce Nia away from Rusdi and she also used force to hurt Nia,
but all her gambits failed. Later on, Rusdi and Nia found an old mystic who lives in a
haunted house. It turns out that Rusdi parents’, Mr. and Mrs. Rosidi have long been
visiting this mystic to ask for mystical powers that would help them get rich. They
are doing this because Mrs. Rosidi is greedy and wants to have all the riches they
can amass. Mr. Rosidi (Wawan Wanisar) promised to sacrifice his child in return for
those mystical powers, but then reneged on the deal. In the end, Mr. Rosidi died and
his wife suffered mental breakdown.

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