Director : H. Maman Firmansjah
Casts :
Nike Ardilla, Didi Petet, Ayu Lestari, Rachmat Hidayat,
Ida Kusumah, Benyamin S., Joescano Jusuph
Genre : Comedy
Production Year : 1992

Ben (Benyamin S.) and Joescano (Joescano Jusuph), who work for Hartawan (Bram
M. Darmaprawira) and his wife (Ida Kusumah), wanted to buy the beautiful plot of
lands belonging to Kabayan (Didi Petet) and Abah (Rachmat Hidayat). They promised
Abah that he would meet his favorite dangdut singer (Mercy Marsita) in the big city
if he agrees to sell. Abah eventually caved-in, but Kabayan steadfastly refused to sell.
Even Abah’s threats of not allowing Kabayan to meet Iteung (Nike Ardilla), Abah’s
daughter and Kabayan’s girlfriend, failed to discourage him. A djinni who turned up
at their village after being displaced from Ancol area helped Kabayan by giving him a
magic item that can make him invisible. The story ends with Kabayan’s triumph who
never wavered in his refusal to sell. Abah finally realised his mistake and returned to
the village.

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