historical action

Director : Pitrajaya Burnama
Casts :
Elly Ermawatie, Baron Hermanto, Risma Salmon,
Luthy Tambayong, Atin Martino
Genre : Historical Action
Production Year : 1991

Officials of the Singosari Kingdom in Java were trying to stop the impending invasion
by Khubilai Khan’s Mongolian army. To confront the enemy, five powerful fighters
were gathered from all corners of Indonesia. They were called Five Tigers, which
are Larang Jagat (Baron Hermanto), Banggokantara (Atin Martino), Kuda Merta
(Luthi Tambayong), Galigo (Jack Maland) and Rangga Sakti. They fought fiercely with
Penyebar Racun (Risma Salmon), Jubah Merah (Arthur Kaunang) and Kodok Salju
(Jabol Mora) who are loyal to Khubilai Khan. The Five Tigers prevailed and the rest of
the Mongolian army must head back in shame.

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